Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is a type of physical activity that is prescribed by a physiotherapist to treat or prevent injuries and improve functional outcomes. The overwhelming evidence for exercise makes it an essential part of any physiotherapists management plan. It is a core component of physiotherapy, and is used to address a wide range of Musculoskeletal conditions, including:

Types of Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise programs are tailored to the individual needs of each patient, and may include a variety of different exercises, such as:

    • Range of motion exercises: These exercises help to improve the movement of joints.
    • Strengthening exercises: These exercises help to build and strengthen muscles.
    • Endurance exercises: These exercises help to improve cardiovascular fitness.
    • Balance and coordination exercises: These exercises help to improve balance and coordination, which can reduce the risk of falls.
    • Neuromuscular exercises: These exercises help to improve nerve function and motor control.

Therapeutic exercise can be performed in a variety of settings, including physiotherapy clinics, gyms, and homes. It is important to work with a physiotherapist to develop a safe and effective exercise program that is appropriate for your individual needs.

At Click Physiotherapy, North Lakes, we are spoiled to have the use of EMF gym at our disposal. This increases patient access to some of the equipment needed for exercise to take place.


Here are some of the benefits of therapeutic exercise from physiotherapy:

    • Reduces pain
    • Improves joint range of motion
    • Increases strength and endurance
    • Improves balance and coordination
    • Improves cardiovascular fitness
    • Improves nerve function and motor control
    • Reduces the risk of falls
    • Promotes healing of injuries
    • Improves functional outcomes, such as the ability to perform activities of daily living

Patients will only see the results from work they are willing to put in. The above can happen majority of the time however it will take work on your end to get through the prescribed exercises from your Physiotherapist.

If you are experiencing pain, injury, or dysfunction, therapeutic exercise from physiotherapy may be a helpful treatment option for you. Talk to your doctor or physiotherapist to see if it is right for you.