Our Story

Our Story

Click Physiotherapy was born with a simple idea to make physio cheaper and more accessible to everyone.

Click Physiotherapy is a new way of thinking. Birthed from a need to see physiotherapy reach any location and adapt with the changing technology. It began as an idea from the founder – Caleb Gray, to expand the scope and influence of physiotherapy and to help the public take ownership of their condition.

Caleb has had a passion for musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy for years. He worked in both private and public sectors, and although loving what he did, he knew there was more. Physiotherapy was evolving from being just about hands on manual therapy to encompassing a much more holistic way of injury management and prevention. There didn’t seem to be many private practices keeping up with this change. Click Physiotherapy was a solution to this problem, motivating our patients to work alongside the physiotherapists to see an improvement for themselves.

The initial concept

There are many schools of thought that would suggest an injury is much more that just physical. It can encompass certain beliefs and also social context. Click Physiotherapy was adapted to help patients take control of there own injuries – therefore helping them overcome a battle which they can win. Due to the online nature, the physiotherapist can give guidance and knowledge which is really what patients need. Our patients take self-management steps including self releases, exercises and adapting their lifestyle to see a permanent change to their injuries.



Click Physiotherapy wants to be known for its access. Where ever you are in the world, we want you to have access to top quality physiotherapy, even if your travelling, you can still have physiotherapy on the go.


We will always be moving with the times, to make our services better for our clients. We want to be known for being innovative with providing established knowledge in a fresh way.


Results are what matters to us. We want you to be reaching your goals as quickly as possible. We pride our service on working well, and rely on our clients to spread the good word!

The Future

As Click Physiotherapy grows, we hope to influence countries abroad that may not be as financially secure. We recognize there are many countries that cant access physiotherapy due to their remote location or the level of qualifications among the population. Our goal is to target these secluded countries that are in need of quality physiotherapy.